Review: United Club London Heathrow (LHR)

The United Club at Heathrow’s Terminal 2 is one of a small number of United lounges that is neither a Polaris Lounge nor a typical United Club. This lounge, along with similar lounges in Hong Kong, Mexico City, and Tokyo, is far more premium than domestic United Clubs but lacks the a la carte dining and high-end feel of Polaris lounges.

Overall, I liked my time here–the buffet selection was pretty good and the apron views were excellent. Though I wouldn’t get to the airport early for this lounge, it’s not a bad place to work for an hour or two before a flight. 

Access and hours

The United Club lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 2 is open daily from 5am to 10pm.

Every time I’ve been to this lounge, it’s been crowded. That’s mostly because, unlike United’s Polaris lounges, many, many travelers are eligible to enter the lounge. You can access the lounge if:

  • you’re flying business or first class on United Airlines or another Star Alliance airline
  • you have United Club membership or a United Club pass
  • you’re a Star Alliance Gold member flying on a Star Alliance airline
  • you’re an active member of the US military flying United
  • you have Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership and are flying on a Star Alliance airline
  • you’re a Velocity Gold, Platinum, or VIP member flying on United Airlines


The United Club is located in the 2B satellite terminal at Heathrow Terminal 2, about a 15-minute walk from the main terminal building. To get there from security, head towards the B gates. There’s no train connecting the main terminal and the satellite terminal, so you’ll have to walk. 

a map of a airport

Once you’re in the satellite terminal, turn right after emerging from the concourse level. The lounge entrance is located opposite Gate 46. Take the stairs or elevator up to the reception desk to check-in. As all United flights leave from this terminal, being located here means you’ll be close to your departure gate once you finish in the lounge.

a man walking in a lobby

Layout & seating

The United Club lounge is essentially one very long, narrow room with translucent panels and annexes to segment spaces for eating, drinking, and working. I love that it has sweeping apron views, and though it’s not nearly as elegant or modern as Polaris lounges, it looks a fair bit nicer than most other Club lounges I’ve visited.

people in a restaurant

Immediately after walking in, you’ll see a semi-circular room on your left with the buffet. Just outside the food area are a number of tables for dining, as well as a bar and an area with armchairs nearer the window. Power outlets were plentiful throughout.

people sitting at tables in a room with a large window

A bit farther down you’ll see a long bar against the window side of the room and, past that, more of the same sorts of seating.

a bar with bottles of alcohol on the counter

At the far end of the room is a small circular area with more tables and chairs. Since it’s somewhat removed from the main room, it’s a bit quieter.

a group of men sitting at a table in a room

On the outer wall of this area are more drinks.

a counter with a few jars of liquid and glasses

At the far end of the lounge on the right are two private office rooms. Oddly, they lacked chairs, so you’ll have to remember to pack a desk chair in your carry-on if you intend to work.

a white table in a room

Food & drink

By United Club standards, the food here is excellent–although still below the quality you’d get at a Polaris lounge. All the food is located in a circular room near the entrance of the lounge and, when I arrived, staff had just switched the buffet from breakfast to lunch.

people in a room with a large counter and people standing around

Among the hot options were pork frikadelle, roast chicken thighs, roast potatoes, vegetable gratin, vegetable curry, and rice.

a row of food containers on a counter

There was also a selection of cold options, including finger sandwiches, wraps, meats, and cheeses.

food on a counter in a restaurant

Next to that were a variety of salads and a bowl of cut fruit.

a buffet with food in bowls

A small selection of desserts, including cookies and tarts, were also available.

food on shelves with a light

Across from the salad bar is a wall of various drinks, including juice machines, minifridges filled with soft drinks, and coffee machines serving Illy beans.

a coffee machine and other equipment

In the center of the lounge is a long bar. There’s no self-serve option, but a bartender will pour a variety of wines and spirits, and make mixed drinks on demand.

a bar with a person sitting at the counter

Showers & bathrooms

There are a number of individual bathrooms in the lounge that I found well-maintained.

a bathroom with a sink and toilet

Nearby, there are five shower rooms which can be reserved with the shower attendant. The lounge gets busy, so be sure to reserve a spot as soon as you enter if you plan to shower.

Walking into the shower, the walls are adorned with a somewhat ugly patterned wallpaper and are contrasted with dark mosaic tiling in the shower area.

a bathroom with a shower and sink

My favorite feature of the space is a large, round, recessed ceiling light that casts a warm glow.

a bathroom with a round light fixture

The shower features a sizable glass door and a fixed shower head above.

a shower with a glass door

There are wall-mounted dispensers of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.

a group of white bottles on a metal shelf

The vanity area includes a sink set into a marble countertop, above which there’s a lighted mirror.

a bathroom with a sink and mirror

Beside the shower, towels are stacked on a small bench area, and a hairdryer is mounted to it. 

a white towel and hair dryer on a marble counter


Though the lounge, per usual, was very busy, attendants frequently restocked food and came by to clear plates and make sure the space was clean. I was also impressed by the number of on-duty staff–easily 25 people–when I visited.


Overall, the United Club London Heathrow hits the mark as a premium lounge experience. While it doesn’t quite reach the upper echelon of United’s own Polaris lounges, it offers a solid selection of food and drinks in an attractive space with excellent tarmac views. And though it does get crowded during peak times, the lounge staff were effective in keeping the space clean and well-stocked.

If you have access and enjoy watching the comings and goings of Europe’s busiest airport, it’s not a bad place to hang out.

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