Last Chance: Amex Will Reimburse You Up to $594 at Select Restaurants

I posted about this a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write a quick update because today is the last day the promotion will be active. Since it’s already past 10 AM on the East Coast at the time I’m writing this, reservations for restaurants in New York, Miami, and DC are gone, but reservations are still set to drop in Chicago, San Francisco, and LA within the few hours.

As far as the deal goes, American Express and its online booking platform Resy will reimburse diners up to $99 per person at a few restaurants in LA, San Francisco, Miami, New York, DC, and Chicago. I usually don’t write about restaurant deals, but this has the potential for extraordinary value, so I’m making an exception to highlight this promotion.

How does it work?

The promotion, “Dinner On Us, All Month Long,” will involve Resy releasing reservations for a small selection of restaurants (usually six or seven) in a few major US cities at 10 AM local time today.

If you make a dinner reservation at a participating restaurant today (the 28th) for a meal on Wednesday (the 30th), Amex will cover $99 of your bill per person for up to six people in your party. In other words, if you make a reservation at a participating restaurant for a party of six, Amex will reimburse you and five friends up to $594.

Which restaurants are participating?

Participating restaurants are as follows:

  • Los Angeles: Madre
  • San Francisco: Brenda’s French Soul Food
  • Chicago: Cherry Circle Room
  • New York City: Tuome
  • Washington DC: St. Vincent Wine
  • Miami: Fox’s Lounge

How to get a reservation

Over the last few weeks, reservations filled up within seconds, so I’d recommend setting your alarm for 9:58 AM and refreshing the app or website until you see availability for your desired restaurant. If you see an available reservation, move quickly.

Also, remember that, as the name suggests, you have to make a dinner reservation, not a lunch or breakfast reservation, to be eligible for reimbursement.

The fine print

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can make reservations through, the Resy App, a Resy-owned channel, or directly with the restaurant.
  • If you make a reservation over the phone or in person (i.e., without using Resy), Amex will reimburse you if you show evidence of a Resy account upon arrival.
  • Only one reservation can be made per person per restaurant.
  • A 20% tip will be automatically added to the final bill.
  • The credit of $99 per person will be applied to the final bill. In other words, the credit will cover tax and gratuity.


In collaboration with Resy, American Express will pay up to $594 for their restaurant bill. Today is the last day of the promotion, with reservations set to drop in Chicago, San Francisco, and LA within the next 90 minutes or so.

Slots are filling up quickly, and just a few restaurants are participating, so remember to set your alarm and act fast. Opportunities like this are rare, so make the most of it.

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