Video: Air Antilles Plane Collides with Parked Helicopter at Saint Barts Airport

An Air Antilles Twin Otter DHC-6-400 plane collided with a parked helicopter at Gustaf III Airport in Saint Barts earlier today. The incident was caught on video, which you can check out below.

The Air Antilles aircraft, registered F-OMYS, was arriving from Pointe-Ă -Pitre, a city on the island of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, when the collision occurred. The flight, identified as 3S722, landed at runway 27 at St. Jean, Saint Barthelemy, at 11:40 local time with excellent visibility. Thankfully, the helicopter was empty at the time of the collision, and no injuries were reported.

Gustaf III Airport is known for its short runway, measuring only 2,170 feet long, which means landing rights at the airport are restricted to propeller planes with fewer than 18 seats. The airport is also interesting because its runway is exceptionally close to a nearby road and because landing at the airport requires a special license. The History Channel actually ranked Gustaf III the third most dangerous airport in the world, behind ToncontĂ­n International Airport and Lukla Airport!

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