Shocking TikTok Video Shows Festival Crowd Targeting Aircraft with Lasers

A stunning and alarming TikTok video posted by @ariaestef1 shows a massive crowd at the International Pyrotechnics Festival in Tultepec, Mexico, targeting an aircraft flying overhead with powerful green laser pointers.

During the video, which you can watch below, the person recording zooms in on the aircraft as it’s being illuminated by hundreds of green laser beams, showing the entire plane glowing bright green. 

This is an absolutely astonishing clip.

Pointing just one laser pointer at an aircraft can blind and disorient pilots, potentially leading them to lose control of the aircraft and hindering their ability to communicate effectively with air traffic control. Pointing hundreds of laser pointers is unbelievably reckless and demonstrates an absolute disregard for human life.

Long story short, this kind of behavior poses a significant threat to everyone on board and folks on the ground. In the US, it’s actually a federal crime and has landed people in prison.

There isn’t much information on the flight that was targeted, and it’s unclear whether local authorities are investigating the incident or if the targeted airline has lodged a complaint with officials, so I’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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