Review: Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

During my recent trip to Munich, I stayed at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost for three nights. While the location, right next to Munich’s central station, left a lot to be desired, the room was  comfortable, the service was excellent, and the value was phenomenal.

Booking the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

I paid $470.92 for three nights in a Superior Room. Given that this is a five star-hotel in a major Western European city, $157/night including taxes is a pretty unbeatable value. I got this rate by taking advantage of Accor’s excellent Best Price Guarantee program, which not only matches the best price available online but also gives you an extra 25% discount. You can read more extensively about the program and how to use it here and why, whenever possible, you should always price match hotels here.

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost location

By far the weakest aspect of this experience was the hotel’s location. Its placement in the Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt neighborhood, a relatively central and exciting area, makes the appeal of its true location somewhat deceptive; in actuality, it sits at the far northwestern corner of the neighborhood, some 400 meters from the central station, and is around a 20-minute walk from most of Munich’s top attractions. Asides from several good bars and beer halls, there’s not a lot to do in the Sofitel’s immediate surroundings.

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost lobby & check-in

The first views of the hotel are striking. Originally home to the Royal Bavarian Post Office, its Classic Revival stone facade features gorgeous pilasters and pedimented domed windows.

a building with a car parked in front of it

Once you enter the hotel, you’re greeted by a modern, moody lobby.

a room with a brick wall and a counter

Check-in was quick and easy, and I found the staff friendly and on the ball. Though I arrived about three and a half hours before the 3 PM check-in (and didn’t let them know ahead of time), I was able to head straight up to my room, which was both unexpected and highly appreciated.

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost Superior Room

I booked a Superior Room with twin beds. Upon entering, my first impressions were positive. It was relatively spacious considering there were two separate beds, the carpeting was plush and clean, and there was ample closet space.

a room with a bed and a tub

I also liked that it came with a Nespresso machine–not uncommon but still very much appreciated.

a tv on a shelf

A small seating area was sufficient for getting some work done, though the chairs were ugly and uncomfortable.

a room with a television and a chair

The bathroom had a large bathtub and rain shower, and was stocked with Diptyque amenities.

a bathroom with a bathtub and a mirror
Can somebody please explain why interior windows in bathrooms are a thing? Who decided they were a good idea?
a shower with a round light
The rain shower was the highlight of the whole room.
a mirror of a person taking a selfie in a bathroom

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost gym

The gym is tiny, essentially a hallway with a few cardio machines and, at the very end, some free weights. Not nearly as good as I expected out of a five-star hotel.

a room with treadmills and exercise equipment

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost spa & pool

Like many German spas, this one was nude so, for obvious reasons, I was unable to take photos. Essentially, there’s a traditional sauna, infrared sauna, steam room, a series of rain showers, and a pool. The pool, which I can only describe as being located in a moody, modern cave and distributed across two rooms, was pretty cool, though not great if you want to swim laps.

a dark hallway with a staircase

The spa offers a variety of treatments, which you can find here, and the pricing was as follows:

a list of spa treatments

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost bar

The hotel maintains two restaurants, Schwartz & Weiz and DÉLICE La Brasserie, as well as the ISArBAR bar. I sadly didn’t get a chance to try them out, but both menus looked relatively nice, albeit very pricey.

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost service

From start to finish, the service was excellent. Just a few examples:

  • I arrived more than three hours before check-in, but was allowed up to my room immediately anyway
  • I called the front desk and asked for a tube of toothpaste and it was delivered so quickly I’m pretty sure the person who delivered it ran to our room
  • The concierge was extremely helpful in recommending several good restaurants and making dinner reservations on our behalf

Throughout the trip, all staff members were attentive and warm. It was a highlight of the trip.


I had a great time staying at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost. Though the Sofitel’s location is poor and its gym minuscule, excellent service and a phenomenal price more than made up for its deficits.

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