Popular Instagram Account Selling “Diarrhea Airlines” T-Shirts Following Delta Incident

An incident on Friday night in which a Delta Air Lines A350 (N570DZ) had to return to Atlanta after a passenger had diarrhea up and down the aircraft aisle has prompted heavy coverage (mind the pun) from news outlets and a storm of online commentary. Among the more amusing (and admittedly puerile) responses I’ve seen is from Instagrammer Shitheadsteve, who now sells t-shirts to his 7.2M followers emblazoned with the Delta logo and the word “diarrhea” below it.

a blue shirt with white text
a logo on a white surface

The t-shirt, which can be purchased here in two colors, is just one of many memes coming out of this incident. Another referred to the new double-decker airplane seat concept, pointing out the potentially catastrophic effects of an upper-level passenger experiencing gastrointestinal distress.

a person in pink and blue chairs
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