Every Domestic Route Served by a Wide-Body Plane in 2023

Comfier seats, more pitch, and quieter cabins generally make wide-body jets a better passenger experience than narrow-bodies. In business class, the difference between a single-aisle plane, where you’ll usually get a slightly wider seat with more recline, and a double aisle plane, where you’ll typically get a lie-flat seat, is even more pronounced.

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to experience business class on a 777 or an A330 because, though they’re mostly reserved for long-haul routes, wide bodies are flown on a surprising number of routes within the United States.

In the past, I’ve had difficulty finding a comprehensive list of wide-body domestic destinations and decided that this year I’d make my own. Below, you’ll find the fruits of my labor, slavishly collected over hours of Google Flights searches and internet sleuthing. There are probably mistakes here, so please comment if you find one and I’ll amend the list.

To make finding routes easier, I’ve put the list of all 103 routes in a table that is easily searchable and filterable. If you’re interested in flying on Delta’s A350, for example, just search “Delta A350” and you’ll be returned the three domestic Delta routes serviced by A350s.

Without further ado, please enjoy. Happy hunting!

AtlantaHonoluluAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaDaily
AtlantaMinneapolisAirbus A330DeltaSun, Thurs, FriStarts in June
AtlantaOrlandoAirbus A330DeltaDailyEnds in July
DetroitOrlandoAirbus A330DeltaSun, Mon, Tues, Fri, SatEnds in May
HonoluluOaklandAirbus A330HawaiianDailyEnds in September
HonoluluSacramentoAirbus A330HawaiianDailyEnds in September
HonoluluPortlandAirbus A330HawaiianDailyEnds in September
HonoluluSan DiegoAirbus A330HawaiianDailyEnds in March
HonoluluLos AngelesAirbus A330, Boeing 777Hawaiian, UnitedDaily
HonoluluLas VegasAirbus A330HawaiianDaily
HonoluluSeattle / TacomaAirbus A330HawaiianDaily
HonoluluPhoenixAirbus A330HawaiianDaily
HonoluluAustinAirbus A330HawaiianSun, Tues, Thurs, Fri
HonoluluAtlantaAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaDaily
HonoluluBostonAirbus A330HawaiianSun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
KahuluiLos AngelesAirbus A330HawaiianDaily
KahuluiSeattle / TacomaAirbus A330HawaiianDaily
MinneapolisAtlantaAirbus A330DeltaWed, Thurs, SatStarts in June
MinneapolisOrlandoAirbus A330DeltaDailyEnds in June
New York JFKHonoluluAirbus A330, Boeing 767Hawaiian, DeltaDailyEnds in May
ChicagoHonoluluBoeing 787UnitedDaily
HonoluluChicagoBoeing 787UnitedDaily
KahuluiChicagoBoeing 787UnitedSun, Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat
PhiladelphiaMiamiBoeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in August
MiamiPhiladelphiaBoeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in August
New York EWRSan JuanBoeing 767UnitedDaily
San JuanNew York EWRBoeing 767UnitedDaily
New York JFKMinneapolisAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaTuesStarts in June
OrlandoDetroitAirbus A330DeltaSun, Mon, Tues, Fri, SatEnds in May
San DiegoHonoluluAirbus A330HawaiianDailyEnds in March
Los AngelesNew York JFKAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaDailyEnds in July
AtlantaDetroitAirbus A350DeltaMon, WedEnds in May
AtlantaLos AngelesAirbus A350DeltaMonEnds in May
DetroitAtlantaAirbus A350DeltaTues, ThursEnds in June
DetroitHonoluluAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaSun, Wed, Thurs, Fri, SatEnds in October
HonoluluDetroitAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaSun, Wed, Thurs, Fri, SatEnds in October
HonoluluNew York CityAirbus A330, Boeing 767Delta, HawaiianDaily
Las VegasNew York EWRBoeing 767UnitedDailyEnds in May
New York JFKLos AngelesBoeing 767DeltaDailyEnds in July
OrlandoAtlantaAirbus A330, Boeing 767DeltaDailyEnds in July
OrlandoNew York EWRBoeing 767UnitedMon, Tues, Wed, ThursEnds in May
Dallas Fort WorthKahuluiBoeing 777, Boeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in September
ChicagoLas VegasBoeing 777UnitedThurs, FriEnds in May
ChicagoSan FranciscoBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDailyEnds in October
DenverChicagoBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in October
DenverHoustonBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in June
DenverLas VegasBoeing 777UnitedSun, Mon, Thurs, FriEnds in May
DenverLos AngelesBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in June
DenverHonoluluBoeing 777UnitedDaily
DenverNew York EWRBoeing 777, Boeing 767UnitedSun, FriEnds in June
DenverOrlandoBoeing 777UnitedSun, Thurs, FriEnds in May
DenverSan FranciscoBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in September
DenverWashington IADBoeing 777, Boeing 767UnitedDailyEnds in October
DenverKailua-KonaBoeing 777UnitedDailyFrom June to October
DenverKahuluiBoeing 777UnitedDaily
HonoluluSan FranciscoAirbus A330, Boeing 777Hawaiian, UnitedDaily
HonoluluDenverBoeing 777UnitedDaily
HonoluluHoustonBoeing 777UnitedDaily
HoustonChicagoBoeing 777UnitedSun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, FriEnds in May
HoustonDenverBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in June
HoustonLas VegasBoeing 777UnitedSun, Mon, Thurs, FriEnds in May
HoustonSan FranciscoBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDailyEnds in October
KahuluiDallas Fort WorthBoeing 777, Boeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in September
KahuluiDenverBoeing 777UnitedDaily
KahuluiSan FranciscoBoeing 777UnitedDaily
Kailua-KonaDenverBoeing 777UnitedDaily
Kailua-KonaLos AngelesBoeing 777HawaiianDaily
Las VegasHonoluluBoeing 777UnitedThurs, FriEnds in May
Kailua-KonaSan FranciscoBoeing 777UnitedDaily
Las VegasDenverBoeing 777UnitedSun, Mon, Thurs, FriEnds in May
Las VegasHoustonBoeing 777UnitedSun, Mon, Thurs, FriEnds in May
Las VegasSan FranciscoBoeing 777UnitedThurs, FriEnds in May
Los AngelesDenverBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in June
Los AngelesHoustonBoeing 777UnitedMonEnds in May
Los AngelesMiamiBoeing 777, Boeing 787AmericanDailyFrom June to July
Los AngelesNew York EWRBoeing 777UnitedDaily
MiamiCharlotteBoeing 777AmericanMon, Tues, Wed, ThursEnds in May
MiamiDallas Fort WorthBoeing 777AmericanDailyEnds in August
MiamiLos AngelesBoeing 777AmericanDailyFrom June to July
MiamiNew YorkBoeing 777AmericanDailyEnds in August
New York EWRDenverBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedSunEnds in May
New York EWRLas VegasBoeing 767, Boeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in May
New York EWRLos AngelesBoeing 767, Boeing 777UnitedDaily
New York EWROrlandoBoeing 777UnitedMon, Tues, Wed, ThursEnds in May
New York EWRSan FranciscoBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDaily
New York JFKMiamiBoeing 777AmericanDailyEnds in August
OrlandoChicagoBoeing 777UnitedSun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, FriEnds in May
San FranciscoChicagoBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDailyEnds in October
San FranciscoDenverBoeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in September
San FranciscoHoustonBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDailyEnds in October
San FranciscoKailua-KonaBoeing 777UnitedDailyFrom June to December
San FranciscoKahuluiBoeing 777UnitedDaily
San FranciscoNew York EWRBoeing 777UnitedDaily
San FranciscoWashington IADBoeing 777UnitedDaily
Washington IADDenverBoeing 767, Boeing 777UnitedDailyEnds in October
Washington IADLos AngelesBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDailyEnds in June
Washington IADSan DiegoBoeing 777UnitedDailyStarts in June
Washington IADSan FranciscoBoeing 777UnitedDaily
ChicagoLos AngelesBoeing 787UnitedSunEnds in May
Dallas Fort WorthHonoluluBoeing 777, Boeing 787AmericanDailyFrom August to Septemeber
ChicagoNew York EWRBoeing 787UnitedThursStarts in June
Dallas Fort WorthMiamiBoeing 777, Boeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in August
HonoluluDallas Fort WorthBoeing 777, Boeing 787AmericanDailyFrom August to October
Las VegasChicagoBoeing 787UnitedThurs, FriEnds in May
Los AngelesWashington IADBoeing 777, Boeing 787UnitedDailyEnds in June
San DiegoWashington IADBoeing 787UnitedDailyStarts in June
Washington IADChicagoBoeing 787UnitedFriStarts in June
ChicagoKahuluiBoeing 787UnitedSun, Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat
Dallas Fort WorthOrlandoBoeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in August
OrlandoDallas Fort WorthBoeing 787AmericanDailyEnds in August

  1. You have UA listed as doing MCO-MSP on a 330, which is incorrect. UA doesn’t operate the 330, or have a direct MCO-MSP route.

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