STARLUX’s New Credit Cards Are Stunning (and Utterly Bizarre)

STARLUX Airlines’ new co-branded credit cards feature designs inspired by aviation instrumentation and, to an AvGeek like myself, they’re quite possibly the coolest looking cards out there. There’s also some very, very weird about them, but I’ll get to that farther down in the article.

The card comes in four flavors: World Elite, World, Titanium Business, and Titanium, and each card uses a visual theme related to flight technology and avionics, such as cockpit displays and radar screens.

It’s a huge bummer these cards are only available to Taiwan residents (as far as I know), but check them out and tell me they aren’t awesome:

a screen shot of a device
a screen shot of a device
a screen shot of a device
a screen shot of a device

Interestingly, the website doesn’t mention card perks anywhere, though it does outline fees.

  • World Elite Card: NT$100,000 ($3,219)
  • World Card: NT$3,000 ($97)
  • Titanium Business Card: NT$1,000 ($32)
  • Titanium Card: NT$200 ($6)

Yup, you read that right: the most expensive card costs well over $3000 per year and the cheapest costs around $6. Unless I’m misreading something, that is, without a doubt, the weirdest fee structure I’ve ever seen. I dare say it’s even more nonsensical than their first class ticket pricing strategy.

If anyone has insight into what’s going on here or the dynamics of the Taiwanese credit card market, I’d love to hear it in the comments section!

H/T to Mark for pointing this out!

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