Monarch Airlines Reveals New Livery

Ahead of its 2024 operational relaunch, Monarch Airlines has revealed its new livery. First revealed to and reported by the aviation publication Airways, the design replaces the airline’s historic yellow livery with a royal purple one, meant to align with its new strategic goal of becoming a premium alternative to low-cost carriers in the United Kingdom.

Livery details

The new livery features a significant color shift, from the old yellow to a new, royal purple, applied mainly to the rear section of the aircraft’s fuselage, tail, and engines. An updated Monarch Airlines logo will be displayed in white on the tail. Interestingly, the sharklets on the aircraft’s wings will retain the traditional yellow color that has been synonymous with Monarch Airlines. I really liked the old color scheme, so I’m happy they’re retaining some of it.

a white and purple airplane
a plane flying in the sky

What happened to Monarch Airlines?

Monarch Airlines has a long and complex history that dates back to its establishment in Luton, England in 1968, evolving from a travel company originally founded in 1928. The company collapsed in 2017 resulting in the more than 1,800 workers being laid off and the cancellation of flights and holidays for around 860,000 people, prompting the Civil Aviation Authority to intervene in repatriating 110,000 stranded passengers. When Monarch ceased trading in October 2017, it was the UK’s fifth-largest airline and the largest to ever go bankrupt. 

The airline was officially relaunched under new ownership in January of this year, and aspokesperson for the company stated on August 18 that they had completed “the critical first step” in their mission to build a “brand new Monarch.” 

Strategy and expansion

Currently, the airline is discussing acquiring 15 Airbus A320 family aircraft, including possible models from the A319 and A320 series. Monarch Airlines plans to apply for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority in the coming weeks.

According to Monarch’s chairman, Daniel Ellingham, the carrier intend to serve routes that have been neglected by budget airlines:

“Jet2 and TUI both aim for very specific segments of the UK market, and for the large part have overlooked some of the most successful routes and destinations previously served by Monarch. Our focus will be on re-entering these specific markets, whilst also angling for a more premium (yet affordable) approach. We will also focus on sustainability in many of our areas of business.”


Monarch Airlines is introducing a new purper livery as part of the company’s rebranding efforts ahead of its 2024 relaunch. Alongside updates like a new logo and revamped website, the new design introduces a modern look while retaining elements of the airline’s history.

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  1. The proposed livery is rather disappointing! Most people assumed we’d see the crown make a return – a re-imagined for the 2020’s would look rather fabulous and be quite a talking point. Maybe, just maybe they launch with a livery that’s more exciting than this. 🤞

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