British Airways Adding Another Chicago Flight in April, Eliminating A380 in December

British Airways is adjusting its flight schedule for the London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare route for the summer of 2024, increasing service from twice daily to thrice daily. This change will become effective starting 11th May 2024. The airline is also switching up the aircraft flying between Chicago and London, eliminating the Airbus A380 from the route in favor of the Boeing 777-300ER beginning December 12.

New flight

British Airways currently has two daily services between Chicago and London, BA295/BA294 and BA297/BA296. Starting April 20, 2024, a new flight, BA299/298, will join these flights, flying once daily with the 787-9/-10.

Aircraft changes

In addition to the extra daily service, British Airways is also changing aircraft for this route. 

  • Beginning December 12, 2023, BA295/294 will be flown by the 777-300ER instead of the A380.
  • Beginning March 29, 2024 BA295/294 will be flown by the 777-200ER instead of the -300ER.
  • Beginning March 29, 2024, BA297/296 will be flown by the 787-10 instead of the 777-200ER.

What this means for passengers

I find the A380 the most comfortable commercial jet in the sky today, so I’m disappointed that British Airways is taking it off this route. The big silver lining, though, is that the plane replacing it, the 777-300ER, sports BA’s newest Club Suites. These suites are equipped with doors and far more comfortable than the supremely crowded 2-4-2 business class configuration (yes, you read that right) currently on the A380.

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