Bizarre: American Airlines Cart Crashes Into United 737 At O’Hare

Yesterday evening, a United Airlines 737-900 (registered N75425) was parked at gate M37 of Chicago O’Hare’s Terminal 5 after a flight from Punta Cana, UA 1664, when an American Airlines cart crashed into the front right side of the aircraft. Pictures of the aircraft after the incident show a substantial puncture above the landing gear.

a blue vehicle with a large white airplane in the front
a plane crashed into a window

There’s also grainy security footage of the incident, which shows the cart going straight into the aircraft. This incident is pretty bizarre: I don’t know what was going on behind the wheel here, but it really seems like the driver should’ve seen the plane in time not to crash.

Neither United, American, nor O’Hare have said anything about the incident, so if anyone has more color on what happened here, please comment!

HT to @xJonNYC for first pointing this out.

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